Welcome to a creative workshop of URBIPUZZLE! We are passionate enthusiasts of wood scented products and we make them for those who love the noble esthetics, classical architecture, sailboat vibes and… a good wine. And since there is always time for a glass of wine, we make timers too ;)

URBIPUZZLE comes a bottomline of our educational background, passion and interests, as well as persistence. We jointly produce and test our new marvels. Sometimes we argue (creatively!) so wood chips are flying... All in all, we set our standards high to offer our Customers top quality original products.


At URBIPUZZLE we also like to challenge your mind with sort of brain teasers. That is why our products are not only to entertain or please the eye, but also to educate and keep the connections between your brain cells sharp :)

The manufacturing process takes place in Poland from start to finish. It means a lot to us. URBIPUZZLE products are largely made by hand and we are surely proud of it! We believe that the value of our small family company is grounded in technological novelties combined with handwork. It may seem a bit archaic or fuddy-duddy, but that’s who we are and we stick to it.


We are eco-friendly and select our suppliers carefully to provide top class enginereed wood material. To cut the long story short, wood means esthetics, originality, nature, scent… And we absolutely love anything that is woody, naturally imperfect, firm and chic! 

Cutting-edge laser technology guarantees remarkable precision of all the shapes we make. Each element is checked for its quality. We cannot afford mediocrity! 

You are more than welcome to contact us at any time!